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What is Energycast?

Energycast is the DIY energy monitor that allows students to learn about energy and sustainability by exploring their own real-time usage. The monitor is connected to the student's home and can be accessed to through our platform. In this platform they can create their own dashboards or solve exercises created by their teachers. This makes lessons about experiments in their home instead of theoretical lectures.


Build your own energy monitor with open re-programable hardware to learn the basics of computing and electronics


Configure your own data dashboards to learn about data modelling and visualization with your real live input


Discover your home's energy usage and how to reduce it. Find which devices consume most, how enery works and why its price changes over time


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Hands-on learning from home

Energycasts allows educators to involve students in engaging projects that relate to their day-to-day life. Students can learn about energy through seeing their own use and consumption, making abstract concepts much more graspable.

Educating on sustainability

The energy transition is one of the greatest challenges of our generation. Energycasts helps students understand how to make a difference in their own home. By exploring their real data they will see what consumes the most energy and what habits to change to help save the planet.

Privacy and security

Energycast does not require a dangerous instalation, it connects to your energy meter in a safe way where students will not have to interact with any high-voltage equipment. We understand that energy consumption data is sensitive, so it will always remain private.

Passion for engineering

We are a team of young engineers who love the field of energy and would like to see more young people involved. We believe that by showing what we do in a practical way more people will get the creative spark to join this field.

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This initiative is supported by the CE3 programme and the interreg programme